Which Do You Like A or B

Photo A

Photo A

Photo B

Photo B


90 thoughts on “Which Do You Like A or B

  1. There’s something about B that feels dreamy but A is defintely sharper so I would probably vote for that but B would definitely make a great card with a sentiment inside that says something like : “You make me see wishes instead of weeds”! 😉

  2. B.
    I’m not a fan of true Black & White – I actually prefer ‘off-white’ or cream, in fact all the B & W framed photos in my home are B & off-white – it’s softer & more emotional. True B & W is more physical.
    (But that’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth).

  3. B has those qualities that would attract you to the subject in Nature, subtlety and form and an invisible presence. A, appeals to the human delight in action and contrast and the embodied evidence of life in each flower-topped stem..

  4. A ,the reason its more detailed black and white.,Thank you for keeping in touch.jalal

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