Rocky Coastline

Rocky Coastline

Rocky Coastline of Monterey Bay

This shot reminds me of the song Monterey by the Eric Burdon & The Animals.


15 thoughts on “Rocky Coastline

  1. I am so there. Literally. And haven’t for gotten your e-mail. Just a tad busy up to my being here on the west coast (from the east coast) . Just visited Half Moon Bay this morning. OK not quite Monterey 🙂

    hmm… I am over 45 but I wasn’t into music. I think I might know who you are talking about. Yes! I do know or am familiar with ‘The House of the Rising Sun’.

    And to you (if it applies…if I remember…) Happy Father’s Day and all Dad’s everywhere!!

    Thanks for stopping by… Jules

    • Check you junk folder it’s in there. 🙂 Wow, we have a gift shop in Half Moon Bay, you should have stopped in. The House of the Rising Sun is a great song too. Thanks and yes it does apply!

      • Might have stopped into your place. Couldn’t tell you which stores we popped into. A bakery, Half Moon Bay Farm and Feed, a small place that had an espresso bar and Coastside Books. I picked up some cards – by Found Image and Bo Tree Productions.

        Just had the weekend to wonder. As Hubby is working and I am basically on my own while he works. Have laptop will travel 🙂

        Took my little Nikon Coolpix L3 with me. I didn’t take my external media dump thingy with me. And I can’t just down load the media card to my laptop. Maybe when I get home I’ll be able to send you some of the photos I took in an E-mail? I took a photo of the ceramic tile piece bunny in that little park where the public restrooms are. And at the beach some of the flowers and the tree that was growing but wind blown in-land.

        Your e-mail isn’t in my junk folder…I just have been busy. Life is like that 😉

        • If you were at Half Moon Bay Farm and Feed then you passed by Gifts A GoGo it is at the corner. I am looking forward to seeing your photos! Oh, I know busy! 🙂

          • Might have stopped in. 🙂
            There was a place that had stone frog planters out front – Near that? I took a photo of one of the stone planters…
            I collect frogs and bunnies 🙂

            • That is down the street. The shops address is 353 Main St, Half Moon Bay. If you check the address on Google Maps you can see a photo of the store. Everyone likes frogs and bunnies! 🙂

              • I’ve been collecting those critters for about 38 years.
                Unfortunately we will not be getting back to Half Moon this trip. But I may have stopped in, just the same.

                Continued success in all of your locations.

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